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    I have an ASP web hosted in IIS. I set the directory security to Challenge/Response and am requesting the server variable "LOGON_USER". As expected, when a user goes to the site, they are prompted to enter a username and password. When they type it in, they get a nice little message that says, you are logged on as "blah blah.." This part is working great. BUT, here is the ticker, or at least for someone with my limited skills: I want the page to automatically log them on if they are logged on to the workstation with a valid username/password for our domain. I have a Sharepoint site and it does this wonderfully. Any way to make ASP do this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Hope this one wasn&#039;t too easy for the advanced section..been searching for a solution to no avail.<BR><BR>-Den

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