ADO Recordset SORT and FILTER properties

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Thread: ADO Recordset SORT and FILTER properties

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    Default ADO Recordset SORT and FILTER properties

    I am trying to use the sort property within the ADO Recordset object. I get a server error:<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0CB3)<BR>Current provider does not support the necessary interfaces for sorting or filtering.<BR><BR>I am using WinXp with its default IIS (I think IIS 5) and I also get same error with Win2000 Server.<BR><BR>My question is, Is this an IIS config issue, an IIS or ADO "version" issue or a DLL issue? It also seems there is very little written about the SORT and FILTER properties of the ADO Recordset object. The examples I&#039;ve seen tremendously simplify the dynamic sorting process. However, I&#039;ve yet to get it to work. Any ideas where I can get some help on this?

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    Default Why would you use them???

    It is *SO* much more efficient to do the sorting in your SQL statement, using an ORDER BY.<BR><BR>And the filtering is SO much more efficiently done via WHERE clauses in SQL.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve only seen maybe 3 or 4 case in 4 years where using SORT or FILTER with ASP made sense. (They make more sense in desktop applications, where the recordset remains open for minutes at a time. But with ASP, the RS is typically only open for milliseconds.)<BR><BR>Anyway, (A) what DB are you using, (B) what cursor type did you use to open the recordset, and (C) what is the cursor location?<BR><BR>All of those impact whether or not this pretty inefficient methodology will work.<BR><BR>

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