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    Is there a way to get dimensions of an image being uploaded through your web page. If so, does this differ depending on the OS of the user?<BR><BR>TIA!

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    Default An image is an image...

    An image format is an image format. No OS dependencies, at all.<BR><BR>Yes, you can use a component that will load the uploaded file into memory and then tell you what its dimensions are.<BR><BR>With some image formats, you can even do a bit of file reading trickery right from VBScript (but .jpg is not one of those, if I recall correctly).<BR><BR>I use an inexpensive component from TILISOFT (about $25) that does all that and much much more (allows me to resize the image, add text on top of the image, rotate the image, create thumbnails, etc.), but whether you can do the same depends on where your site is hosted. If you are on a shared server, you are pretty much at the mercy of whatever tools your ISP provides.<BR><BR>

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