My asp page expires prior to displaying user sql r

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Thread: My asp page expires prior to displaying user sql r

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    Default My asp page expires prior to displaying user sql r

    I have my IIS on a seperate server...when user&#039;s access the asp page, it requests info from the sql server, the sql server sends the requested result back to the IIS server which is suppose to display the info but it times out giving the user page could not be displayed....<BR><BR>It works fine on the intranet site(which is the same URL address and of course we have instant access) but the public keeps getting the could not display page error...<BR><BR>I have bumped up the connection timeout and this did not help...<BR><BR>I have entered the IP address and server name of the sql server in the HOST file on the IIS...didn&#039;t help. I even edited the IIs server HOST file and this didn&#039;t help.<BR><BR>I have the public screaming at me....<BR>Pleas HELP me!!!

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    Default RE: My asp page expires prior to displaying user s

    Have you tried to Flush the buffer after reading so many records from the database?<BR><BR>You might also want to bump up the Connection Timeout even more. Or even use the Command Object if your aren&#039;t already doing so and set the Command.Timeout property as well.

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    Default It sounds like you need to do some

    debugging of your ASP page and find where the performance problems are. I suggest putting some response.write statements in at different points of your code like<BR><BR>response.write "Start page"&now()<BR><BR>response.write "next point"&now()<BR>response.end<BR><BR>The keep moving the second response.write until you time out. That should give you a general idea of where the issue is.<BR><BR>You have to identify whether this is a problem with your SQL queries taking too long or your vbscript code being in efficient or both.<BR><BR>You have to play detective. ; )<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete

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