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    I have something to do on VB.NET and i use the FileOpen to wrtie and read data in a text format file. How do search something inside of it like i would like to search if there is something that have "Thomas" for name...<BR><BR>and i use a Structure ... any place with a good VB.NET forum ??<BR><BR>thanx<BR><BR>========my code========<BR>nf = FreeFile()<BR><BR> FileOpen(nf, Application.StartupPath + "Students.data", OpenMode.Random, _<BR> OpenAccess.ReadWrite, OpenShare.Default, Len(Eleve))<BR><BR> ne = LOF(nf) / Len(Eleve)<BR><BR> Etudian.Add(Eleve)<BR><BR> Dim i As Integer = 0<BR><BR> Do Until i = ne<BR> If Eleve.nom = nom Then<BR> pos = i<BR> End If<BR> Loop<BR><BR> FileGet(nf, Eleve, pos)<BR> RemplirFiche()<BR>

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    Default Try the .NET Forum


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    It does belong in the .Net forums.<BR><BR>As it is posted here, I feel free to say "stop using those old VB methods".<BR>http://archive.devx.com/vb/free/articles/rj070801/rj070801-11.asp

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