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    i am fairly new to databases....<BR>there is one database wherein i have a master table of certain colleges.Now do i maintain a single table of college master or it is advisable that i keep separate tables for separate countries so that i refer only that table during my searh.I am using SQL Server.i will be calling these tables from within my asp pages.Is it ok to have more tables as against records.<BR>please help<BR>

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    One table would be recommended, this is known as normalization. What I would do is the following...<BR><BR>TABLENAME JOINED_BY<BR>--------- ---------<BR><BR>Countries <BR>Colleges Country<BR>Scholarships CollegeID<BR><BR><BR>Basically what I am saying here, is you would have a master country table, that would have a one to many relationship with the colleges table based on country. The colleges table may have 2 fields - CollegeID & College_Name. Then the colleges table would join the Scholarships table on a one to many relationship based on collegeID. The scholarships table could be something like - CollegeID, scholarship_code, amount, description...<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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