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Thread: HELP!: SQL GETDATE() to ASP issue

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    Default HELP!: SQL GETDATE() to ASP issue

    I am experiencing an issue that someone here must have run into before. I have a table which contains a field where GetDate() is the default value and I am trying to pass that EXACT value down to the browser for later use. The problem is that somewhere between SQL, ADO, and IIS the value is getting reformated into a vb date and is therefore useless to me.<BR><BR>Example; The value for DateCreated (the field in question) in the db is "2003-05-23 13:00:29.590" yet when displayed in ASP by using the &#060;%=rs("DateCreated")%&#062; I get "5/23/2003 1:00:30 PM". I have considered just reformting the date back to the way I need it, but the milliseconds (.590) cannot be accessed once the original conversion has taken place. <BR><BR>How can I get the original value of "2003-05-23 13:00:29.590" passed to ASP? This is a huge problem for me right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>TIA<BR>-Bill<BR>

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    Default Uhhh this is already answered

    I assume you back buttoned and reposted by accident!<BR>Else take as a formal crosspost slap on the wrist

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