Hi all, <BR>I have a datagrid of 1 boundcolumn (ID), 2 item templates (2 textboxes: txtFinAid, txtAmtPaid. My question is I can retrieve the text of txtFinAid and txtAmtPaid for every row, but I don&#039;t know how to retrieve the boundcolumn (ID) for each row. Thanks for all your help.<BR><BR>Dim i As Integer<BR> Dim _item As DataGridItem<BR> <BR> For i = 0 To MyDataGrid.Items.Count - 1<BR> _item = MyDataGrid.Items(i)<BR> Dim qtyFinAid As TextBox = _item.FindControl("txtFinAid")<BR> Dim qtyAmtPaid As TextBox = _item.FindControl("txtAmtPaid")<BR> &#039;retrieve the text of txtFinAid, txtAmtPaid<BR> response.write(qtyFinAid.text)<BR> response.write(qtyAmtPaid.text)<BR> Next<BR><BR>