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    Persits.MailSender, is that what you ment? I&#039;m mostly self taught and dont know all the lingo, sorry.<BR><BR><BR>RE: ASPEmail - Jscript without CDONTS<BR> <BR>Atrax - 10 Jun - 08:38:03 PM<BR>------------------------------------------------------------yeah, sure. but what emauil component do you have installed?<BR><BR>JScript and VBScript are pretty much interchangeable. tell me what component and I&#039;ll tell you how to use it.<BR><BR><BR><BR>j<BR> <BR>

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    OK, so go to and grab the documentation for Persits.MailSender<BR><BR>Persits usually provide pretty good examples too, so you&#039;ll probably just be able to cut+paste, then translate with very few problems.

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