Hi Folks<BR><BR>I am trying to work with the datagrid, and in particular, the edit row function....<BR><BR>Here is the setup,<BR><BR>I have a datagrid the looks a lot like your samples (thank you) with the rows being made of the rows in the query, a delete and edit buttons on each row.<BR><BR>but here is where the kicker is....<BR><BR>on one of the columns, i want to add a button that will only show up during editing of that row - and that button will need to spawn another window to allow the peepz to choose an icon...<BR><BR>I tried to use the funkelabs.com drop down list with icons embedded in the datagrid, but the control always returns a null, so i had to abandon this approach, in favor of a popup window for selection.<BR><BR><BR>please advise on how to popup a window from a button click inside the datagrid control during edit mode only.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>tony<BR><BR><BR>