I am all not very familiar with asp but how I learnt to add things into a database was just inputting the info and then sending it to a database. ASP -&#062; VB -&#062; SQL. Now I am helping a friend with a web page and he wants to do everything with asp. I was given the task of using a Text file parsing(Loops) to input text file content into a database(access97). I want to be able to add / remove / modify Columns, Rows, Tables and info content. Create/Modify/delete each. Anyway am not sure how to do the text file parsing thing, it was my understanding that you have to mainly input the data. I think what he wants done is to find the file and convert it to text and then read the text and have that inputted into the database instead of manually inputting the information. This is what I am not sure about how to do it, it would be much easier in my opinion to just mainly input the information. If any help can be given it would be greatly appreciated. If you need more clarification I would be happy to give you as much as I can.<BR><BR>Jonathan Masson <BR>