Does IIS 5 work fine with Access 2000 DB???

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Thread: Does IIS 5 work fine with Access 2000 DB???

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    Hi there,<BR>I have a website coded in ASP using an Access 2000 DB.It used to respond very fast(at most 2 seconds) while running on a Celeron 800-128MBRam machine with WinNT.After mainboard burned i switched to Windows 2000 Advanced Server running on P4 1.6 256Ram machine..Now the performance is awful.Response time is over one minute now.I use the same code, same Database. My question is:Is there a known problem with Windows 2000 working with Access 2000 DB on IIS ? Is so, How can I avoid it??<BR>My database has 18 tables linked each other and my code queries 2500 entries. To control, I used another Access 2000 database with another very simple Asp code.This DB has only 1 table with 5 entries. and response time is awful again. I think there is a connection problem between IIS and my Access 2000 DB.I use system can I solve this problem??<BR>Any help appreciated..<BR>thanks and regards.

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    You could try updating MDAC (2.5 is the latest one to contain the JET driver, I believe).<BR><BR>Also, you could not use a system DSN and use an OLEDB connection. That may speed things up. Sounds strange you&#039;re getting that much of a performance hit just changing OS&#039;s. I&#039;ve personally never had that problem.<BR><BR>Craig.

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