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    Can someone please refresh my memory as I have forgotten. Basically I have 3 radio buttons all called pets with the value dog cat and monkey (yes this is just an example). Dependent on the button they selected I want them to be redirected to a different page. How can I do this.....

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    select case pets<BR> case "monkey"<BR> response.redirect("here")<BR> case "dog"<BR> response.redirect("here")<BR> case else<BR>end select

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    Default Or, if you were cleverer about it...

    &#060;INPUT Type=Radio Name="Pets" Value="cats.asp"&#062; Cats<BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Radio Name="Pets" Value="dogs.asp"&#062; Dogs<BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Radio Name="Pets" Value="apes.asp"&#062; Monkeys<BR><BR>and then, on the next page, you can just do:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.Redirect Request("Pets")<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Or, for that matter, you could do the redirection using a tiny bit of JS code right in the browser, no ASP needed.<BR><BR>

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