Debugger installation in Visual Interdev!

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Thread: Debugger installation in Visual Interdev!

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    Default Debugger installation in Visual Interdev!

    Hi,<BR>After installing Visual Interdev 6.0 on my WinXP machine, I tried to run the debugger...It says: "Cannot attach to the localhost".<BR>I have installed the BackOffice server extensions....My IIS is running with the Debugger option checked.<BR><BR>It will be great if someone could tell me how to go about in making my debugger in Interdev work.<BR><BR>THanks so much,<BR>Arjun

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    Default 3 years I've been trying

    to make the debugger work in VI, only saw it work once about two years ago. We had to install things in a certain order to make it work!<BR><BR>I gave up, right now I use the simple Response.Write approach/method which works like a charm!<BR><BR>If you ever find how to make it work please share with others, as for "how did I managed to make it work" well I don&#039;t remember and luck must&#039;ve been on my side.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR>Sincerely<BR><BR>Vlince

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