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    Not sure if this is possible... BUT I wrote a page to create a .bas file that creates a DTS Package in SQL. I have try to use dtsrun.exe / dtsrunui.exe to create the DTS package and save to the sql server from the .bas file, but it always fails and looks like it may not be possible.<BR>I know in SQL when you import a document you can create a .bas file then later run the import wizard to create a DTS package from the file, but I wanted to do this automatically with a page excuting the exe. Does this makes sence? is it possible? I can go into further detail if it is possible.

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    DTS and especially when it is in a .bas file is distinct and separate from SQL Server DB&#039;s<BR>So you need to explicitly tell it the DB to use and the login password!<BR><BR>Other than that I&#039;m lost

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