What is the possible solution for this Socket Erro

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Thread: What is the possible solution for this Socket Erro

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    I have developed a web based application and the error occurs intermittently when I click the Delete Button on a page form.<BR><BR>The followings are the details of the error message shown:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="image" name="dg1:_ctl3:lbtnDelete" id="dg1__ctl3_lbtnDelete" <BR>onclick="return confirm(&#039;Do you HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error Pragma: <BR>no-cache Content-type: text/html <BR>Socket Error<BR>Connection Reset by Remote Host <BR><BR>Supposedly, the message shown should be " Do you want to delete (Y/N)? " . Instead, the message shown was “Do you” followed by the messages of socket error in which the server rejects the connection then.<BR><BR>Besides, some of the pages are loaded halfway followed by the same error message.<BR><BR>I would like to add that this error seems to happen more frequently on certain pc. After I have replaced this pc with a new pc, this problem does not seem to happen so frequently.<BR><BR>This is what I found out about Socket Error:<BR>Socket errors: Indicates the Web server is unable to maintain some or all connections. During intense load conditions using multiple simultaneous connections, the Web server will usually begin rejecting connections after its maximum capacity is exceeded.<BR><BR>(URL: http://www.asp.net/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?tabindex=1&PostID=167158)<BR><BR>Wha t amuses me is that I am running with web based application with 3 users connecting to server only. <BR><BR>Should it be a problem of Cache, IIS setting or?<BR><BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>How have you applied the client onclick event?<BR><BR>Using the controlname.attibutes.add? or have you typed it directly into the tags?<BR><BR>show your code...<BR><BR>

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