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    Here is the site.<BR><BR>http://www.kahunaprints.com/search.asp<BR><BR>Enter in yamaha for the search and hit enter.<BR>*** 1 page returned<BR><BR>Now enter in yamaha and click submit.<BR>*** 8 pages returned<BR><BR>Any ideas why it would only return one page when enter is hit?<BR>How would I fix this...<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>jc

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    haven&#039;t got a nested form have you? so that enter is submitting an inner form and the submit button is submiting the outer?<BR><BR>I just looked at the sourde and I don&#039;t _think_ this is the case.<BR><BR>no javascript on the submit button. weird.<BR><BR>do a :<BR><BR>For Each Item in Request.Form<BR><BR>on the recieving page, see if the params passed are different. <BR><BR><BR><BR>HANG ON !!<BR><BR>I just did a search in the source for a &#060;form&#062; tag<BR><BR>you don&#039;t have one. that&#039;s your problem, I&#039;d say???<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>http://rtfm.atrax.co.uk/

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