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    Hi,<BR>I have a couple of questions. I&#039;ve got a series of pages that I&#039;m using so people can hone in on particular data. My first page simply lists all of the available monitoring sites, and the following pages will allow the user to narrow down their search (eg picking parameters etc...)<BR><BR>I&#039;m working on the 2nd page and trying to make a list of checkboxes to show for every parameter that has at least on piece of data.<BR><BR>It sounds easy, but I don&#039;t know where to start...

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    I think we need more information to help you.<BR><BR>You should probably work out what the problem actually is. Are you having problems with putting together the query which shows you "every parameter that has at least one piece of data" (whatever that means???)? Or do you not know how to display checkboxes based on data from a database? Or are you not sure how to process information supplied from a form?<BR><BR>Have a think and then come back explaining the problem.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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