Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors

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Thread: Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors

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    Using win2k, IIS, mySQL v4.0<BR><BR>This is my SQL:<BR><BR>&#039;boardID int(10) <BR>&#039;title varchar(255) <BR>&#039;contact varchar(255) <BR>&#039;dates varchar(50) <BR>&#039;loc longtext <BR>&#039;tel varchar(50) <BR>&#039;email varchar(50) <BR>&#039;info longtext <BR>&#039;site longtext <BR>&#039;typeID int(10) <BR>&#039;pID int(10) <BR>&#039;fldDate datetime <BR><BR>nSQL = "SELECT title, contact, dates, tel, email, info, typeID, pid, fldDate, loc, site FROM v_board_all_notices where boardID = " &nkey& ""<BR>set nRS = oConn.Execute(nSQL)<BR><BR>I = nRS("info")<BR>if I &#060;&#062;"" then<BR> do something...<BR>end if<BR><BR>L = nRS("loc")<BR>if L &#060;&#062;"" then<BR> do something...<BR>end if<BR><BR>W = nRS("site")<BR>if W &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> do something...<BR>end if<BR><BR>when I run the SQL, and try to assign either info, loc, or site fields to variables, I get this error for any fields which are empty:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E21)<BR>Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done.<BR><BR>The offending fields are all set to longtext, which I presume is the problem. But how can I get around it?<BR><BR>I have searched the web for answers, have tried the obvious things<BR><BR>e.g.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Jim

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    Are the fields in question set to &#039;required&#039;? This may be what&#039;s causing the error. I&#039;ve had this before and it usually happens in that case or if the text entered is too LONG.<BR><BR>

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