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    Hi I have a recordset that&#039;s returned with a checkbox beside each row (checkbox has an primary key value associated with it)<BR><BR>Question: I would like the use to check various boxes then press a "delete" button to get rid of the selected records:<BR><BR>Code: on the process page I have something like this:<BR>chk = checkbox value<BR><BR>sql = "Delete from rv_store_info where pk =&#039;"&chk&"&#039;"<BR>conn.execute(sql)<BR>resp onse.Redirect("displayStoreData.asp?message=Data updated.")<BR>conn.execute(sql)<BR>conn.close<BR>s et conn=Nothing<BR><BR>Is there a better way of doing this? at its also only deleting one record at a time

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    Default Read before posting :)

    This question was asked on DB forumn and is on page 1<BR><BR>

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    Default ASPFAQs, category Databases, Queries

    That thread in the DB forum never did find the simple answer that I give in the FAQs.<BR><BR>#153.<BR><BR>

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