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    I want to control a basic input text field so that users can only input dates from the calendar provided. How is it possible to assign these text fields as &#039;locked&#039; so that users cannot enter incorrectly formatted dates?<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR>John

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    Default If for MSIE only...

    ...then just make them READONLY:<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Text Name="StartDate" Value="" ReadOnly&#062;<BR><BR>But if this has to work cross browser, then I&#039;d do:<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Text Name="StartDate" Value=""<BR> onFocus="this.form.startCalendarButton.focus();" &#062;<BR><BR>That is, just move the focus to another form control, preferably whichever one launches the calendar popup (or whatever you use).<BR><BR>

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    Default Thanks Bill

    What are your thoughts on cross browser interoperability? The application im writing already has a few *things* in it that dont appear to function within say, Netscape. I havent really considered other browsers. Im looking at eventually selling this application. Do you think it would be foolish to contain it to IE only? Ive heard the percentages of other type browsers are very minimal. Any thoughts?

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    Default If it's commercial...

    ...I&#039;d make it at least *function* with every browser I could. If it doesn&#039;t work as well as the MSIE version, too bad. But it shouldn&#039;t break.<BR><BR>Since this one is easy to make cross brower, for example, I&#039;d do it. (Of course, then you run into the idiots who disable JavaScript. THEM I might possibly ignore.)<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: If it's commercial...

    .....then you run into the idiots who disable JavaScript. THEM I might possibly ignore<BR><BR><BR>funny Bill....funny :)

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