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    GregNewman Guest

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    Any suggestions are appreciated!:<BR>I would like to remove the toolbar from the browser so that users can&#039t use the "back" and "forward" buttons. I know that this can be done using some JavaScript with if you set toolbar=no in the features parameter string. The problem is that, of course, it has to be a new window. This, in of itself, is not a problem except that I have to validate a SQL Server user login via an ASP. From this ASP (if the user login is OK), I would like to generate the new window without the toolbar. How do I generate a new window and set the features I want with ASP? I look forward to your response. <BR>Thanks in advance --Greg

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    the window options would still have to be client side.<BR><BR>&#060;% If Userlogon = Yes Then %&#062;<BR> the javascript code to open the the window with no toolbar..<BR>&#060;% Else %&#062;<BR> whatever other code<BR>&#060;% End If %&#062;<BR><BR>Nathan

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    ActiveALLI Guest

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    I&#039d like to add to that; that if you need to send a variable to the new windows (w/o Toolbar) you can use the Querystring since the ttolbar isn&#039t visuable in that window the user cannot see what variables are beeing bassed on ... eg. a UserLogin<BR><BR>ActiveALLI

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