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    I&#039;ve setup a website on my server which is running Windows 2003 and IIS 6. The site works fine within my intranet but if I try to access from an external machine through the internet I can&#039;t find it. <BR><BR>Pinging times out. The name resolves correctly to the IP address but if I do a tracert the request makes it all the way to my router IP address and then stops. It can&#039;t find the IP address of the server.<BR><BR>I&#039;m connected to the internet via adsl through a ZyXel Prestige 650 router/firewall. I thought it might be a firewall issue but turning that off makes no difference.<BR><BR>Accessing the internet from within the intranet is no problem at all.<BR><BR>Any clues as to where to look next?<BR><BR>Philippe

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    Default port forwarding

    turn on port forwarding for port 80 on your firewall to point to the _internal_ IP address of your server. That _may_ be the problem. It&#039;s definately to do with your firewall. Any logging avaliable on your firewall? See if any traffic is at _least_ getting to it.

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