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Thread: Parsing of templatized HTML files

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    I an aware of mechanisms in PHP that allow for the creation of "template" html files that contain {VARIABL} delimiters. This provides the ability to create entire pages on the fly by parsing the external files and replacing the {} fields with what you specify (say a db query).<BR><BR>Is there any native functionality in ASP that accomplishes this or maybe an control that is available?

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    I am not familiar with PHP...<BR>Perhaps you are looking for something more...<BR>The two easiest methods are:<BR>use an include like the following<BR>&#060;!-- #include file="" --&#062;<BR><BR>use<BR>response.write(strMyQueryResu lts)<BR><BR>There are other ways as well.<BR><BR>Are you looking to do something specific that<BR>the above isn&#039t right for you?<BR><BR>NOTE: there is a performance issue with includes<BR>so you want to keep them limited to what is needed.<BR>Example: Don&#039t create a single file with every function<BR>you will ever use on your site. The included file is loaded<BR>everytime you use the &#060;!include<BR><BR>What you were looking for?

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