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    I don&#039;t know if this is the right place to post this...But anyway... <BR><BR>Our group are working on an E-marketplace and we are almost done with it...but the problem is, Our project description requires us to make an online payment system for the ordering process between the parties involve in the marketplace... <BR><BR>We were wonder if it is feasible to do this and if yes, as of this moment we really don&#039;t have any ideas on where to start...What do we have to do first? <BR><BR>btw, is it possible that payments would be through the accounts of the member sellers? <BR>Inputs will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    It&#039;s VERY hard to make an online payment system + you have to contact creditcard companies and such.<BR>Easier is to become member of on of the existing e-payment companies such as PayPal.<BR><BR>goodluck.<BR>.Jorn

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