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    I found a login that I did not generate. It is called ASPNET<BR>When I did a search on my computer, I found aspnet_wp.exe.<BR>I not only feel like Schultz, I AM SCHULTZ. <BR>I know nothing!<BR>The only reason I find myself at your site at all is that I have never seen this phenomena before, where a logon name and password have been created on a computer with no human interaction. I have no viruses and I am unaware of any remote capabilities.<BR>Can someone please help. I know I can delete the user that calls itself ASPNET, but I wish to make an educated informed decision. Can WHOever or WHATever created this logon (remotely??) on my personal home computer do me harm, or is it there for my benefit, and how was it created in the first place, and what is ASPNET_WP.exe?

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    This is the user that ASP.Net uses, you shouldn&#039;t delete it. It was created when you installed the .Net framework.<BR><BR>ASPNET_WP.exe is the program that &#039;executes&#039; the ASP.Net requests on your computer when you browse ASP.Net pages on your local machine. (the WP stands for worker process)

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