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    Two similar yet distinct words that have been kludged together.<BR>I grew up hearing the word Kludge; Not pronouced klooj, the d is not quite silent (like in the word "edge"), "klooj" just doesn&#039;t sound ugly.<BR><BR><BR>Kludge: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=kludge<BR>A Scottish engineering term for anything added<BR>in an ad hoc (and possibly unhygenic!) manner<BR><BR>Kluge: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=kluge<BR>a complex and puzzling artifact with a trivial function.<BR>

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    i pronounce it<BR><BR>like the "J" in Jason... it&#039;s not pronounced shasen (soft &#039;sh&#039;)<BR><BR>klooj is the actual way that dictionary.com spells the pronunciation, so the default sound of J is more like the dg sound in "edge".<BR><BR>i go by this definition<BR>A system, especially a computer system, that is constituted of poorly matched elements or of elements originally intended for other applications.<BR><BR>Too much analyzation if you ask me :-P

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