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    hello everyone outthere!<BR>i have done a calendar for my project. it doesn&#039;t use any calendar component or stuffs like that. i have used just the vbscript. it works fine in my computer but when i upload in my uni&#039;s server, it doesn&#039;t work properly. like first of june is to start from sunday but it shows from monday. and other queries and functions that work very well in my computer doesn&#039;t work there. i am using xp pro. uni&#039;s server is win 2000 but i have tried in another win 2000 as well and it&#039;s working fine there as well. i checked the server date. it seems allright to me. can anyone help me to find out what the error might be? i will be really grateful. <BR>thanx a lot,<BR>keeara

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    Dates are strange sometimes. Check that the server is set up to have the same locale as yours, or set the LCID properly.<BR><BR>Craig.

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