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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to build a application in ASP.NET for integration with VSS. I wrote a class library in VB.NET and tested it on normal Windows Application. It is running OK but when i call the same from a ASP.NET page, the connection to the VSS database fails. the error says "cant connect to database raj(its the username not DB name), Select another database".<BR><BR>please help me in figuring out the problem.<BR><BR>Also, is it possible to extract a perticular version of a source code from VSS and put it into a external folder??<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Raj

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    ...under ASP.NET, you are *NOT* running "as yourself". That is, you are not running under your own account, with your own priveleges, etc.<BR><BR>You would have to give the ASP user account access to your own account in VSS in order to make this work. Or give it its own account with appropriate permissions.<BR><BR>But search GOOGLE for "user account asp.net" -- you might find some other interesting ideas.<BR><BR>

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    you can also check impersonation and delegation if you want user-specific access.<BR>

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