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    i&#039;m working in the first stages of a long development process of designing asp pages to run on my organization&#039;s intranet.<BR><BR>i&#039;ve chosen to create a call log first. initially, i designed the pages so that each one had navigation buttons, and the users basically moved from one page to the next based on what task they needed to accomplish.<BR><BR>then i stumbled across I-frames, and i discovered that i could actually assimilate the pages i had built separately into a one-page display.<BR><BR>so i have implemented the use of I-frames, and it actually works pretty good, HOWEVER.....<BR><BR>i&#039;m a little concerned that i may encounter some unforseen issues related to I-frames.<BR><BR>are I-frames something to be avoided? something to be used only when neccesary? would it be a mistake to feature I-frames prominently throughout my work?

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    if this is an intranet you shouldn&#039;t run into any backwards-compatibility issues. occassionally there are javascript problems with them, but generally, now they&#039;re like any other tag, really....<BR><BR><BR><BR>j

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