ASP and XML question regarding 404.asp error page.

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Thread: ASP and XML question regarding 404.asp error page.

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    Default ASP and XML question regarding 404.asp error page.

    Hello,<BR><BR>Good luck on trying to answer this question :) My boss told me to get this done ASAP and I don&#039;t know how.<BR><BR>I am working with a Windows server using ASP and I need to write an XML doc to handle virtual directory forwarding working a long with my 404.asp error page. I want to include the XML doc as an include to the 404.asp doc. I don’t know how to do it though? :) I have very little experience with XML.<BR><BR>This is an example of what I want to do:<BR><BR>-User types in<BR><BR>-Then IIS sends them to the 404.asp page and the 404.asp page checks with the include XML doc.<BR><BR>-The XML doc checks to see if is a valid virtual directory included within the XML doc and if it is valid it sends them to an assigned URL for that virtual directory. (In other words, the directory isn’t a ‘real’ directory it is just a virtual directory that is read and assigned within the XML file which can forward to a specific URL.<BR><BR>If cannot be found within the XML include file the person just stays on the 404.asp error page rather than being forwarded somewhere else.<BR><BR>Now, what would the XML look like to accomplish something like this? I don’t know how to do this :)<BR><BR>Short example<BR><BR>-User types URL:<BR>-404.asp loads and asks: Check XML include file<BR>-XML include file looks to see if it should send user from to a URL.<BR>-If cannot be found in XML the user will stay on the 404.asp error page.<BR><BR>How do I do this? I don&#039;t know what I am doing :(

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    Your best bet is to go and have a look at the XML tutorials at and - this is relatively simple, but XML can be a bit of a shift in thinknig from &#039;normal&#039; ASP. the XML SDK is also indispensable :<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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