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    Default hey hitman

    i'm suffering from a bad case of your defined "Afternoon Coma"... figure out any cures?

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    Default not hitman

    but, lots of coffee or Jolt cola will fix you right up! (That, or do what I do: take a nap in the server room)

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    Default **** it

    I just typed up a funny *** reply that was kind of long. The **** thing gave me an error when I tried to post! I must have timed out... <BR><BR>Anyways, there are no cures for "Afternoon Coma" just methods to deal with the symptoms. <BR><BR>BEWARE: Today is friday and we all know what happens on fridays<BR><BR><BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/social.asp?M=588087&T=588087&F=40&P=1<BR><BR>

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