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    I&#039ve inherited a site w/ GGI forms using Perl, and they&#039re giving me headaches, as nobody here knows Perl.<BR><BR>Is it best to stick with Perl and take the time to learn how to hack it, or is ASP a better solution.<BR><BR>If ASP is the recommended route, does anyone have a quick-n-dirty ASP form script, ot can someone point me to a resource?<BR><BR>TIA,<BR><BR>-Rob

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    If you know some asp or VB then learning perl would be much harder than re-doing the script in ASP from scratch.<BR><BR>About "quick-n-dirty ASP form script", you will need to be more specific about what you want it to do.

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    Obviously most of us here are biased towards ASP. Active Server Pages is definately the way to go as long as: 1. you can host your site on NT Server, and 2. someone in your organization is familiar with Visual Basic.

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