I&#039;ve been building a function for comparing with regular expressions. I found one in PHP called ereg, I&#039;ve been developing an ASP version.<BR><BR>&#039;** Regular expression (R.E.) compare<BR>Function ereg(strRegExp,strToCheck)<BR> Dim re<BR> Set re = new RegExp<BR> re.IgnoreCase = false<BR> re.global = false<BR> re.Pattern = strRegExp<BR> ereg = re.Test(strToCheck)<BR> SET re = Nothing<BR>End Function<BR><BR>Example: <BR>IF ereg("([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2})Z",aWx(a)) THEN<BR> txtReadingTime = ConvertZtime(MID(aWx(a),3,4))<BR><BR>PHP&#039;s function: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.ereg.php<BR><BR>I would like to have the ASP version do the same thing as PHP&#039;s If anyone would like to add to this, please feel free.<BR><BR>What made me build this function? I wrote some code to strip METAR weather data. <BR>http://www.itlnet.net/users/k2l/Code/