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    I&#039ve had this before and I&#039m sure most other have. Whats the most common reason for this occuring?<BR>The following is my query strong that it dislikes.<BR><BR>query="select * from [Software] where [Details] like = " & "&#039" & Usertext & "&#039"

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    I&#039m assuming here that UserText is a variable that contains some sort of text (UserText = "whatever details you&#039re trying to match here"). Am I correct in that assumption?<BR><BR>The only time I&#039ve run into problems with the query string is when the Data Type on the database not meshing with how you&#039re laying the query out. Am I making sense? An example from my own work is:<BR><BR>"select * from tblName WHERE DataID = &#039" & DataID & "&#039"<BR><BR>where DataID is actually a number and not a text field and I have to correct the query to read:<BR><BR>"selct * from tblName WHERE DataID = " & DataID<BR><BR>I hope this helps more than it confuses!

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