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    One ASPX page<BR>three different forms<BR>code behind<BR>postback<BR>javascript<BR>stored procedure<BR>veiwstate<BR>validation<BR><BR>I am working on an app(Web Form) in Visual Studio.net that will need to contain all of the following features. In order to to take advantage of viewstate I&#039;d like the app to be placed in one aspx file. I have three different forms for user input with a total of 60 input instances. For convenience to the user I have split the form into three pages. I&#039;d like to use conditions in order to determine which content will be displayed to the user. For instance Form1 will appear first then(if valid) Form2&#039;s code will be rendered and so on and so fourth. I will be using Visual Studio.Net for my development platform. I want to use client-side validation as well as server-side validation. Currently I am using javascript as my scripting language because I have a function on one of the forms that takes interger values that are submited by the user and are totalled. This function is performed on the client. I am also performing client side validation for emails,phone numbers etc. on the server prior to sending information to the server.<BR><BR>1.How can I take full advantage of Code-Behind for this solution?<BR>2.How can I combine all three forms into one aspx file? I want to use if then statements and postback in order to render <BR> the appropriate page. How can this be done?<BR>3.Initially I created three pages with all HTML controls and my plan was to take take the input and pass the dat to web <BR> controls after validations but I had issues with state. If I can&#039;t combine all the forms into one .aspx file how can I <BR> use the 3 seperate forms solution and still maintain state?<BR>4.Lastly I was able to send input from HTML controls to new forms using &#060;% %&#062; tags and they rendered fine but when I <BR> attempted to place these tags inside web control forms they did not appear. For example:<BR> <BR> &#060;asp:textbox id="TextBoxjames"runat="server"&#062;&#060;%= Request.Form("PartID")%&#062;&#060;/asp:textbox&#062;<BR> will not show the value of <BR> <BR> PartID in the text field.<BR><BR>*One more thing I want to do all this using VB.net and javascript. I&#039;m flexible with the scripting language but the programming language must be VB.<BR><BR><BR>Ultimately the information will be sent to an MSSQL server via Stored Procedures.<BR>If you need me to send you some of my code to make sense of it all let me know.<BR>I know this is a lot but any help will do.<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch group.

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    http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/showMessage.asp?F=36&P=1&M=593024<BR><BR>:-)<BR><BR>probably get more help in the .net forum

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