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    Ok - I&#039;m totally new to ASP.NET<BR><BR>I have a large-ish intranet and at the mo it is all ASP and uses Access databases.<BR><BR>Everything works great so should I consider going to ASP.NET? I&#039;m assuming a lot of the pages I would have to rewrite - is that the case?<BR><BR>Any opinions or pointers would be appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>mf

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    Well, I was in the same boat about a month ago and decided to take the plunge. It has definitely proven to be a great way to learn .NET. I&#039;ve also found many instances where I&#039;ve been able to improve my code because ASP.NET/VB.NET offers features that ASP/VBScript didn&#039;t.<BR><BR>As far as having to rewrite pages, I was afraid of this as well, but actually I&#039;ve found that there isn&#039;t a lot of code that I&#039;ve HAD to rewrite. Most of the rewriting that I&#039;ve done has been because, as I said above, .NET offers better ways of doing things.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re worried about being able to use any custom VB6 COM components that you&#039;ve created, you should know that these should work just fine with .NET. Just be sure to include aspcompat="true" as part of your @Page directive.<BR><BR>Oh, and speaking of DLLs, one of the things I LOVE about ASP.NET (.NET in general, actually) is that if you create DLLs with .NET, there&#039;s no more hassle of having to stop/restart IIS, unregister/reregister DLLs, etc. With .NET, you just drop your new DLL over your old one and you&#039;re good to go.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>

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