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    Hi Everyone...I&#039;m truing to send a mail from a page with this:<BR>imports System.Wem.Mail<BR>..<BR>Dim Correo As New MailMessage()<BR>.../*Here comes al the From, To, Message, Subject, etc of the mail*/<BR>SmtpMail.Send(Correo)<BR><BR>But I keep getting this message:<BR>No es válido el valor de configuración "SendUsing". <BR>translated:<BR>The configuration Value of "SendUsing" is not valid<BR><BR>of course i have no idea where to configure this "SendUsing" anybody?..please??<BR>Thanks!!<BR>

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    I suspect that perhaps you don&#039;t have the SMTP service running on your local machine.<BR><BR>of course, that configuration value would probably be in machine.config - have a quick look in there and see.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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