I am able to attach an URL to an E-mail if the URL path is on the same server and I use a UNC or file/directory path. I cannot seem to get it to work using HTTP. According to Microsoft&#039s documentation it is possible. I have included and example of my code below:<BR><BR> thePath = "http://goeshere"<BR> Email_From = "something@whatever.com"<BR> Email_To = request.form("EmailForm")<BR> varSendDate = "Transcript Request "<BR><BR> Set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")<BR> objMail.MailFormat = 0<BR> objMail.From = Email_From<BR> objMail.To = Email_To<BR> objMail.Subject = "Here is the training records Transcript that you requested."<BR> objMail.AttachURL = thePath, "body_message.htm" "Body_Message.htm" <BR> objMail.Send<BR> Set objMail = Nothing<BR>