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    I am converting a site from ASP to ASP.NET. We used a cookie-based session for login (wasn&#039;t my idea). I need to be able to read a cookie written by a classic ASP page from an ASPX. It isn&#039;t working.<BR><BR>Now I know that a cookie is a cookie, and I should be able to write it to the client with Perl if I were so neanderthal, and still read it from an ASPX.<BR><BR>Can anyone clue me in as to why the same syntax doesn&#039;t read the same cookie when you put it in an ASPX?

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    there is no difference in reading or writing a cookie in .net Check if the cookie is actually been written and also whats the expiry time and things like that. If there is a cookie written then you should be able to read that cookie using a simple<BR>request.cookies("cookiename")<BR><BR>HTH

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