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    i want to write a javascript/css to disable the hover property of link if background color of that link is white or when bgcolor of that link is white it should not be clickable.<BR>thanks in advance

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    Default Didn't I give you enough...

    ...of a start when I showed how you could change style/class?<BR><BR>It&#039;s just basic JavaScript coding.<BR><BR>Do you really mean that *YOU* want to write this? Or that you want somebody to write it for you?<BR><BR>Just for example, think of something like this:<BR> onClick="if (;white&#039; ) return false;"<BR><BR>You might need to look for &#039;#FFFFFF&#039; instead of color name, depending on how the style was built.<BR><BR>As for "disable the hover property": There&#039;s no such thing as a hover property. You have to write JS code to enable the appropriate events, so just have you JS code do nothing at all if the bg is white.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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