Using Subs and one big .asp instead of include?

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Thread: Using Subs and one big .asp instead of include?

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    Default Using Subs and one big .asp instead of include?

    I&#039;m quite fresh to .asp, but have made a few sites based on .asp and ms access dbs and have found my way around.<BR>Lately, I have included one .asp doc in my pages with many sub functions (opening db, sql, html & asp to present the data etc.) This file can contain the menus, functions for showing news & articles and so on. Then I just call the proper Sub from the webpage.<BR><BR>Is this a good or a bad idea? It seems to make everything a lot less complex than having a bunch of include files. I&#039;m not sure what happens performance wise (can&#039;t detect anything yet). With an asp file containing select case functions I guess it&#039;s ok because you ask for a specific case, but without I&#039;m not sure...<BR><BR>Thanks for any feedback:)

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    It&#039;s generally not the best idea to put evrything in one big script, for various erasons, including overhead, search engine placement and stability (screw up the script one day and you lose a lot more than one single page)<BR><BR>of course that&#039;s just my opinion. I generally use a lot of separate scripts, but each script will perform a set of function which are similar, if you see what I mean.<BR><BR>you might find this useful, or mayeb not :<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>j

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