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    I am using a datagrid to populate data from a sql server database. I have a date field in tha table, when populating this column in the datagrid the value becomes &#039;1/1/1900&#039;, so I want to format this in the datagrid control to be converted to null value like ""<BR>this is the code line<BR><BR>&#060;asp:BoundColumn DataField="IssueDate" HeaderText="date" DataFormatString="{0:d}"&#062;&#060;/asp:BoundColumn&#062;<BR><BR>So I want to use something like:<BR>if date = &#039;1/1/1900&#039; then<BR>date = ""<BR>end if<BR><BR>How can I do this?

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    You can use IsNull function from your query or stored procedure.

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