Why would I get this error?

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Thread: Why would I get this error?

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    Error Type:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A0005)<BR>Invalid procedure call or argument<BR>/myaspfile.asp, line 79<BR><BR>on line marked with ******************<BR><BR> &#039; Declare file system variables<BR> Dim objFSO, objTextFile<BR> <BR> &#039; Create an instance of the the File System Object and assign it to objFSO.<BR> Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR> <BR> &#039; Open the file <BR> Set objTextFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("formdata.txt") , ForAppending, TRUE) ******************<BR> <BR> objTextFile.WriteLine strUserName & Chr(9) & strUserEmail & Chr(9) & strUserIP & Chr(9) & strDateEntered & vbCrLf<BR> <BR> &#039; Close the file.<BR> objTextFile.Close<BR> <BR> &#039; Release reference to the text file.<BR> Set objTextFile = Nothing<BR> <BR> &#039; Release reference to the File System Object.<BR> Set objFSO = Nothing<BR>

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    if ForAppending is undefined, perhaps?<BR><BR>try the numeric constant instead (IIRC, it&#039;s 8, isn&#039;t it? don&#039;t have my ref handy)

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