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    Hi,<BR>I am learning .net, and I noticed on the QuickStart tutorials (the E-Commerce Storefront example), a seperate database connection is created inside each function. Should you always create a new db connection? Seems a little repetative to me. In my classic asp scripts, I created one connection and everything used that one connection. Also, if I am creating a new connection everytime, how do I keep my connection string hidden? I don&#039;t want to expose it, since it has user/pass info. <BR><BR>Thanks - Trevor

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    A db conn. inside every fn......then its not .net!!!!!!!<BR>here a dbconn namespace is created once...which holds all the conn. details.Whenever the db has to be contacted the db conn. namespace is imported...and its function is utilised to lauch the connection.<BR><BR>Hope it helps.<BR><BR>nagarajan

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