The application i am developing will run on a Symbol device which can scan a item barcode or you can key in the itemcode by its interface. The application is running on the PocketPC browser.<BR><BR>I have a textbox and a search button on the web form. The user can either scan a itemcode or he can just key in the itemcode using the keypad. In either cases the application should call the Search subroutine and display the item details on the screen.<BR><BR>Some attributes have been set up for the text box to scan a barcode. Now when an itemcode is scanned, the page will postback and in the postback condition of Page Load i am calling the Search subroutine. After an item is scanned and details displayed then again when i enter a new itemcode manually and click on the search button the Search subroutine is executed twice once for the postback and then for the Search button click event since i am calling the Search subroutine from the button click event.<BR><BR>I would appreciate if you can let me know how to fix this problem.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Emmanuel