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    I have two aliases, T1 and T2. T1 works fine. T2 doesn&#039;t; error= &#039;Error 1032: Cannot use column prefix &#039;T2&#039;. This must match the object in the UPDATE Clause &#039;tblAviationODUD&#039;. Can&#039;t figure out why.<BR><BR>UPDATE <BR> tblAviationODUD<BR>SET<BR> T2.ODCountry = T1.ODCountry<BR>FROM<BR> tblTempAviationDCP AS T1, tblAviationODUD AS T2<BR>WHERE<BR> T1.Dates = T2.Dates

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    Default I think it's because...;re updating tblAviationODUD and then you alias the same table. Try this instead:<BR><BR>UPDATE tblAviationODUD<BR>SET tblAviationODUD.ODCountry = T1.ODCountry<BR>FROM tblTempAviationDCP AS T1, tblAviationODUD<BR>WHERE T1.Dates = tblAviationODUD.Dates<BR><BR>Oliver.

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