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    Hey. When declaring a new date in javascript, what are all of the possible parameters you can send to the function?<BR><BR>ex.:<BR><BR>new Date(1,1,1,thisform.ENDHOUR.value, thisform.ENDMINUTE.value, 0, 0)<BR><BR>what are all of these 1&#039;s and 0&#039;s representing? thanks in advance!

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    Default Read the docs...

    Click on "JScript Reference" in the left panel of this very page.<BR><BR>Click on "Objects" in the list of topics that appears.<BR><BR>Click on "Date Object" in the list of objects that appears.<BR><BR>Read that page.<BR><BR>No idea why somebody would recommend using 1,1,1 for the first three arguments. Makes little sense.<BR><BR>

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