your code for checking dates is working great. thanks.<BR><BR>however, there is just one bug......if i enter, say, 6:00AM start time, and 6:00PM end time, i get prompted to enter a valid date.<BR><BR>i know it&#039;s unlikely that a user will ever log a 12 hour call, but i just figured i&#039;d throw that out there.<BR><BR>i would like to know what the various parameters are for the Date function. i have the STARTDATE and ENDDATE, and i would like to include them in the comparison.....which i think would eliminate the problem i described above. is there a spot in this Date function where i can put STARTDATE.value?<BR><BR>new Date(1,1,1,thisform.ENDHOUR.value, thisform.ENDMINUTE.value, 0, 0)