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    I am looking for a way to keep a couple of text fields and a submit button in place while the rest of my page scrolls. I have a page with a lot of data that the use can scroll threw to select a few options. My idea is to just keep the submit as well as the ability to add custom options stationary while the selection display scrolls. I first thought of using frames, the problem with this is that I need to take data out of both areas when I do the submit. and a form, so far as I know cannot span frames as they really just hold sepearte pages. Any ideas?

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    well, you could, in later browsers than NN4.x, which can&#039;t handle it, use a scrolling layer. or you could do a bodge job with cross-frame javascript to do your submission process. neither are exactly perfect, but my opinion is this :<BR><BR>if the form is that big, it&#039;s going to be a real pain to use. why not break it up into a &#039;wizard&#039; style, multi-page form?<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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